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int KoZoomHandler::layoutUnitToPixelX ( int  lupix  )  const [inline, inherited]

The "layout unit pixel" -> "[zoomed] view pixel" conversions.

Definition at line 176 of file kozoomhandler.h.

References KoTextZoomHandler::m_layoutUnitFactor.

Referenced by EmptyElement::draw(), TextElement::draw(), SymbolElement::draw(), SpaceElement::draw(), RootElement::draw(), MultilineElement::draw(), FractionElement::draw(), UnderlineElement::draw(), OverlineElement::draw(), BracketElement::draw(), NameSequence::drawCursor(), and SequenceElement::drawCursor().

    { return int( static_cast<double>( lupix * m_zoom ) / static_cast<double>( m_layoutUnitFactor * 100 ) ); }

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