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KoZoomHandler Class Reference

#include <kozoomhandler.h>

Inheritance diagram for KoZoomHandler:

KoTextZoomHandler ContextStyle KSpreadDoc

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Detailed Description

This class handles the zooming and DPI stuff (conversions between pt values and pixels). An instance of KoZoomHandler operates at a given zoom (see setZoomAndResolution) so there is usually one instance of KoZoomHandler per view.

Definition at line 73 of file kozoomhandler.h.

Public Member Functions

double layoutUnitToFontSize (int luSize, bool) const
QRect layoutUnitToPixel (const QRect &r) const
QPoint layoutUnitToPixel (const QPoint &p) const
int layoutUnitToPixelX (int x, int w) const
int layoutUnitToPixelX (int lupix) const
int layoutUnitToPixelY (int y, int h) const
int layoutUnitToPixelY (int lupix) const
QRect pixelToLayoutUnit (const QRect &r) const
QPoint pixelToLayoutUnit (const QPoint &p) const
int pixelToLayoutUnitX (int x) const
int pixelToLayoutUnitY (int y) const
KoPoint pixelToPt (const QPoint &p) const
double pixelXToPt (int x) const
double pixelYToPt (int y) const
QPoint ptToLayoutUnitPix (const KoPoint &p) const
int ptToLayoutUnitPixX (double x_pt) const
int ptToLayoutUnitPixY (double y_pt) const
QPoint ptToPixel (const KoPoint &p) const
int ptToPixelX (double pt) const
int ptToPixelY (double pt) const
double resolutionX () const
double resolutionY () const
virtual void setResolution (double resolutionX, double resolutionY)
virtual void setZoomAndResolution (int zoom, int dpiX, int dpiY)
double unzoomItX (int x) const
double unzoomItY (int y) const
KoPoint unzoomPoint (const QPoint &p) const
KoRect unzoomRect (const QRect &r) const
int zoom () const
double zoomedResolutionX () const
double zoomedResolutionY () const
int zoomItX (double z) const
int zoomItY (double z) const
QPoint zoomPoint (const KoPoint &p) const
QRect zoomRect (const KoRect &r) const
QSize zoomSize (const KoSize &s) const

Static Public Member Functions

static KoPoint layoutUnitPtToPt (const KoPoint &p)
static double layoutUnitPtToPt (double lupt)
static KoRect ptToLayoutUnitPt (const KoRect &r)
static KoPoint ptToLayoutUnitPt (const KoPoint &p)
static int ptToLayoutUnitPt (int ptSize)
static double ptToLayoutUnitPt (double pt)
static void setPtToLayoutUnitFactor (int factor)

Protected Attributes

double m_resolutionX
double m_resolutionY
int m_zoom
double m_zoomedResolutionX
double m_zoomedResolutionY

Static Protected Attributes

static int m_layoutUnitFactor = 20

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