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KDChartParams Class Reference

#include <KDChartParams.h>

Inherited by KChartParams.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Bundles the display parameters of a chart.

See also:


Bundles all parameters of one axis including the type except the actual data displayed. Serializing an object of this type plus the data displayed is enough to be able to recreate the chart later.

Bundles all parameters of a chart including the type except the actual data displayed. Serializing an object of this type plus the data displayed is enough to be able to recreate the chart later.

Definition at line 75 of file KDChartParams.h.

Line and area chart-specific methods.

These methods query and set line and area chart-specific parameters.

enum  AreaChartSubType { AreaNormal, AreaStacked, AreaPercent }
enum  AreaLocation { AreaAbove, AreaBelow }
enum  LineChartSubType { LineNormal, LineStacked, LinePercent }
enum  LineMarkerStyle {
  LineMarkerCircle = 0, LineMarkerSquare = 1, LineMarkerDiamond = 2, LineMarker1Pixel = 3,
  LineMarker4Pixels = 4, LineMarkerRing = 5, LineMarkerCross = 6
typedef QMap< uint,
AreaChartSubType areaChartSubType () const
AreaLocation areaLocation () const
LineChartSubType lineChartSubType () const
QColor lineColor () const
bool lineMarker () const
QSize lineMarkerSize () const
LineMarkerStyle lineMarkerStyle (uint dataset) const
LineMarkerStyleMap lineMarkerStyles () const
PenStyle lineStyle () const
int lineWidth () const
uint maxDatasetLineMarkerStyle () const
void setAreaChartSubType (AreaChartSubType areaChartSubType)
void setAreaLocation (AreaLocation location)
void setLineChartSubType (LineChartSubType lineChartSubType)
void setLineColor (QColor color=QColor())
void setLineMarker (bool marker)
void setLineMarkerSize (QSize size)
void setLineMarkerStyle (uint dataset, LineMarkerStyle style)
void setLineMarkerStyles (LineMarkerStyleMap map)
void setLineStyle (PenStyle style)
void setLineWidth (int width)
void setThreeDLineDepth (int depth)
void setThreeDLines (bool threeD)
void setThreeDLineXRotation (int degrees)
void setThreeDLineYRotation (int degrees)
int threeDLineDepth () const
bool threeDLines () const
int threeDLineXRotation () const
int threeDLineYRotation () const

Barchart-specific methods.

These methods query and set barchart-specific parameters.

enum  BarChartSubType { BarNormal, BarStacked, BarPercent, BarMultiRows }
BarChartSubType barChartSubType () const
double cosThreeDBarAngle () const
int datasetGap () const
bool datasetGapIsRelative () const
bool drawSolidExcessArrows () const
void setBarChartSubType (BarChartSubType barChartSubType)
void setDatasetGap (int gap)
void setDatasetGapIsRelative (bool gapIsRelative)
void setDrawSolidExcessArrows (bool solidArrows)
void setThreeDBarAngle (uint angle)
void setThreeDBarDepth (double depth)
void setThreeDBars (bool threeDBars)
void setThreeDBarsShadowColors (bool shadow)
void setValueBlockGap (int gap)
void setValueBlockGapIsRelative (bool gapIsRelative)
uint threeDBarAngle () const
double threeDBarDepth () const
bool threeDBars () const
bool threeDBarsShadowColors () const
int valueBlockGap () const
bool valueBlockGapIsRelative () const

Box-and-whisker chart-specific methods.

These methods query and set box-and-whisker chart-specific parameters.

enum  BWChartSubType { BWNormal, BWSimple = BWNormal }
enum  BWStatVal {
  BWStatValSTART, UpperOuterFence = BWStatValSTART, UpperInnerFence, Quartile3,
  Median, Quartile1, LowerInnerFence, LowerOuterFence,
  MaxValue, MeanValue, MinValue, BWStatValEND = MinValue,
  BWStatValOffEndValue, BWStatValALL, BWStatValUNKNOWN
QBrush bWChartBrush () const
void bWChartFences (double &upperInner, double &lowerInner, double &upperOuter, double &lowerOuter) const
int bWChartOutValMarkerSize () const
bool bWChartPrintStatistics (BWStatVal statValue) const
QBrush bWChartStatisticsBrush (BWStatVal statValue) const
QColor bWChartStatisticsColor (BWStatVal statValue) const
QFont bWChartStatisticsFont (BWStatVal statValue) const
int bWChartStatisticsFontRelSize (BWStatVal statValue) const
bool bWChartStatisticsUseRelSize (BWStatVal statValue) const
BWChartSubType bWChartSubType () const
void setBWChartBrush (const QBrush &bWChartBrush)
void setBWChartFences (double upperInner, double lowerInner, double upperOuter, double lowerOuter)
void setBWChartOutValMarkerSize (int size)
void setBWChartPrintStatistics (BWStatVal statValue, bool active, QFont *font=0, int size=24, QColor *color=0, QBrush *brush=0)
void setBWChartSubType (BWChartSubType bWChartSubType)

General parameters.

These methods set general parameters that apply to several or all chart types.

enum  ChartType {
  NoType, Bar, Line, Area,
  Pie, HiLo, Ring, Polar,
typedef QMap< uint,
enum  SourceMode {
  UnknownMode = 0, DontUse = 1, DataEntry = 2, AxisLabel = 3,
  LegendText = 4, ExtraLinesAnchor = 5, Last_SourceMode = ExtraLinesAnchor
static const int KDCHART_CNT_ORDINATES = 4
static const int KDCHART_PROPSET_HORI_LINE = 2
static const int KDCHART_PROPSET_NORMAL_DATA = 0
static const int KDCHART_PROPSET_VERT_LINE = 3
void activateDefaultAxes ()
ChartType additionalChartType () const
bool allowOverlappingDataValueTexts () const
bool calculateProperties (int startId, KDChartPropertySet &rSet) const
void calculateShadowColors (QColor color, QColor &shadow1, QColor &shadow2) const
SourceMode chartSourceMode (uint dataset, uint dataset2=KDCHART_NO_DATASET, uint *chart=0) const
ChartType chartType () const
const KDChartCustomBoxcustomBox (uint box) const
KDChartCustomBoxcustomBoxRef (uint box)
QColor dataColor (uint dataset) const
QColor dataShadow1Color (uint dataset) const
QColor dataShadow2Color (uint dataset) const
uint dataValuesAnchorAlign (uint chart, bool negative) const
int dataValuesAnchorDeltaX (uint chart, bool negative) const
int dataValuesAnchorDeltaY (uint chart, bool negative) const
KDChartEnums::PositionFlag dataValuesAnchorPosition (uint chart, bool negative) const
bool dataValuesAutoColor (uint chart) const
QColor dataValuesColor (uint chart) const
QFont dataValuesFont (uint chart) const
int dataValuesFontRelSize (uint chart) const
KDChartEnums::TextLayoutPolicy dataValuesLayoutPolicy (uint chart) const
int dataValuesRotation (uint chart, bool negative) const
bool dataValuesUseFontRelSize (uint chart) const
bool findDataset (SourceMode mode, uint &dataset, uint &dataset2, uint chart=0) const
bool findDatasets (SourceMode mode1, SourceMode mode2, uint &dataset, uint &dataset2, uint chart=0) const
const KDChartFrameSettingsframeSettings (uint area, bool &bFound, int *pIterIdx=0) const
int globalLeadingBottom () const
int globalLeadingLeft () const
int globalLeadingRight () const
int globalLeadingTop () const
uint insertCustomBox (const KDChartCustomBox &box)
uint maxCustomBoxIdx () const
uint maxDataColor () const
uint maxDatasetSourceMode () const
bool neverUsedSetChartSourceMode () const
const KDChartFrameSettingsnextFrameSettings (bool &bFound, int *pIterIdx) const
int numValues () const
bool optimizeOutputForScreen () const
QColor outlineDataColor () const
PenStyle outlineDataLineStyle () const
uint outlineDataLineWidth () const
bool printDataValues (uint chart) const
bool printDataValuesWithDefaultFontParams (uint chart) const
bool properties (int id, KDChartPropertySet &rSet) const
int registerProperties (KDChartPropertySet &rSet)
void removeAllCustomBoxes ()
bool removeCustomBox (const uint &idx)
bool removeProperties (int id)
void setAdditionalChartType (ChartType chartType)
void setAllowOverlappingDataValueTexts (bool allow)
void setChartSourceMode (SourceMode mode, uint dataset, uint dataset2=KDCHART_NO_DATASET, uint chart=0)
void setChartType (ChartType chartType)
void setDataColor (uint dataset, QColor color)
void setDataDefaultColors ()
void setDataRainbowColors ()
void setDataSubduedColors (bool ordered=false)
void setDataValuesCalc (int divPow10=0, int digitsBehindComma=DATA_VALUE_AUTO_DIGITS, uint chart=KDCHART_ALL_CHARTS)
void setDataValuesColors (const QColor *color=DATA_VALUE_AUTO_COLOR, const QBrush &background=Qt::NoBrush, uint chart=KDCHART_ALL_CHARTS)
void setDataValuesFont (QFont *font, uint size=UINT_MAX, uint chart=KDCHART_ALL_CHARTS)
void setDataValuesPlacing (KDChartEnums::PositionFlag position, uint align, int deltaX, int deltaY, int rotation, bool specifyingPositiveValues=true, uint chart=KDCHART_ALL_CHARTS)
void setDataValuesPolicy (KDChartEnums::TextLayoutPolicy policy=KDChartEnums::LayoutPolicyRotate, uint chart=KDCHART_ALL_CHARTS)
void setDataValuesShowInfinite (bool dataValuesShowInfinite=true, uint chart=KDCHART_ALL_CHARTS)
void setDefaultAxesTypes ()
void setFrame (uint area, const KDFrame &frame, int outerGapX, int outerGapY, int innerGapX, int innerGapY, bool addFrameWidthToLayout=true, bool addFrameHeightToLayout=true)
void setGlobalLeading (int left, int top, int right, int bottom)
void setGlobalLeadingBottom (int leading)
void setGlobalLeadingLeft (int leading)
void setGlobalLeadingRight (int leading)
void setGlobalLeadingTop (int leading)
void setNumValues (uint numValues)
void setOptimizeOutputForScreen (bool screenOutput)
void setOutlineDataColor (QColor color)
void setOutlineDataLineStyle (PenStyle style)
void setOutlineDataLineWidth (uint width)
void setPrintDataValues (bool active, uint chart=KDCHART_ALL_CHARTS, int divPow10=0, int digitsBehindComma=DATA_VALUE_AUTO_DIGITS, QFont *font=0, uint size=UINT_MAX, QColor *color=DATA_VALUE_AUTO_COLOR, KDChartEnums::PositionFlag negativePosition=KDChartEnums::PosCenter, uint negativeAlign=Qt::AlignCenter, int negativeDeltaX=0, int negativeDeltaY=0, int negativeRotation=0, KDChartEnums::PositionFlag positivePosition=KDChartEnums::PosCenter, uint positiveAlign=Qt::AlignCenter, int positiveDeltaX=0, int positiveDeltaY=0, int positiveRotation=0, KDChartEnums::TextLayoutPolicy policy=KDChartEnums::LayoutPolicyRotate)
void setPrintDataValuesColor (uint chart=KDCHART_ALL_CHARTS, const QColor *color=DATA_VALUE_AUTO_COLOR)
void setPrintDataValuesFontRelSize (uint chart, uint size)
void setPrintDataValuesWithDefaultFontParams (uint chart=KDCHART_ALL_CHARTS, bool callSetPrintDataValues=true)
bool setProperties (int id, KDChartPropertySet &rSet)
void setShadowBrightnessFactor (double factor)
void setShadowPattern (Qt::BrushStyle style)
void setSimpleFrame (uint area, int outerGapX=0, int outerGapY=0, int innerGapX=0, int innerGapY=0, bool addFrameWidthToLayout=true, bool addFrameHeightToLayout=true, KDFrame::SimpleFrame simpleFrame=KDFrame::FrameFlat, int lineWidth=1, int midLineWidth=0, QPen pen=QPen(), QBrush background=QBrush(Qt::NoBrush), const QPixmap *backPixmap=0, KDFrame::BackPixmapMode backPixmapMode=KDFrame::PixStretched, int shadowWidth=0, KDFrame::CornerName sunPos=KDFrame::CornerTopLeft)
void setThreeDShadowColors (bool shadow)
double shadowBrightnessFactor () const
Qt::BrushStyle shadowPattern () const
bool threeDShadowColors () const
static int roundVal (double d)
void changed ()
void recomputeShadowColors ()

Header and footer methods.

These methods query and set header and footer parameters.

The names of the Header and Footer sections.

You may use up to 9 header and/or up to 9 footer sections.

  • Up to three leading headers ( HdFtPosHeader0 , HdFtPosHeader0L , HdFtPosHeader0R ) may be drawn at the very upper edge of the printable area.
    You might want to use those sections to show some marginal information like department name, print date, page number...
    Note: Those headers share the same area so make sure to specify propper horizontal alignment for each section when using more than one of them. By default HdFtPosHeader0 has centered alignement, HdFtPosHeader0L is aligned to the left and HdFtPosHeader0R to the right side. All of them are vertically aligned to the bottom, you may change this at your own risk: the resulting output might look strange.
    also note: Alignment to bottom here means their baselines are horizontally adjusted to each other when more than one of them is used - it does not mean the lowest pixel positions of their output will be at the very same y coordinate since those might vary depending from the font size and or the font size you have specified for each of the sections.
  • Up to three main headers ( HdFtPosHeader , HdFtPosHeaderL , HdFtPosHeaderR ) may be drawn under the leading header(s).
    You could use this headers to show the main information such as project name, chart title or period of time (e.g. census year).
    Like their counterparts they share the same part of the printable area so the restrictions regarding alignment mentioned above apply also to these three sections.
  • Up to three additional headers ( HdFtPosHeader2 , HdFtPosHeader2L , HdFtPosHeader2R ) may be drawn under the main header(s).
    This headers could show additional information such as project phase, chart sub-title or sub-period of time (e.g. census quarter-year).
    Like their counterparts they share the same part of the printable area so the restrictions regarding alignment mentioned above apply also to these three sections.

  • Up to three main footers ( HdFtPosFooter , HdFtPosFooterL , HdFtPosFooterR ) may be drawn under the chart data area (or the legend that might be shown below that area, resp.).
    You might want to use these footers instead of (or additional to) the main header(s) for showing the main information...
    Like their header-counterparts they share the same part of the printable area so the restrictions regarding alignment mentioned above apply also to these three sections.
  • Up to three additional footers ( HdFtPosFooter2 , HdFtPosFooter2L , HdFtPosHeader2R ) may be drawn under the main footer(s).
    This footers could show additional information instead of (or additional to) the additional header(s).
    Like their counterparts they share the same part of the printable area so the restrictions regarding alignment mentioned above apply also to these three sections.
  • Up to three trailing footers ( HdFtPosFooter0 , HdFtPosFooter0L , HdFtPosFooter0R ) may be drawn at the very lower edge of the printable area: under the other footer sections
    You might want to use those sections to show some marginal information instead of (or additional to) the leading header(s).
    Like their counterparts they share the same part of the printable area so the restrictions regarding alignment mentioned above apply also to these three sections.
The names HdFtPosHeader or HdFtPosFooter are the basic names also returned by basicAxisPos.

Usage: Please see example code at setHeaderFooterText function explanation.

See also:
setHeaderFooterText, headerFooterText

setHeaderFooterFont, headerFooterFont

setHeaderFooterFontUseRelSize, headerFooterFontUseRelSize

setHeaderFooterFontRelSize, headerFooterFontRelSize

enum  HdFtPos {
  HdFtPosSTART = 0, HdFtPosHeadersSTART = 0, HdFtPosHeaders0START = 0, HdFtPosHeader0 = 0,
  HdFtPosHeader0L = 1, HdFtPosHeader0R = 2, HdFtPosHeaders0END = 2, HdFtPosHeaders1START = 3,
  HdFtPosHeader = 3, HdFtPosHeaderL = 4, HdFtPosHeaderR = 5, HdFtPosHeaders1END = 5,
  HdFtPosHeaders2START = 6, HdFtPosHeader2 = 6, HdFtPosHeader2L = 7, HdFtPosHeader2R = 8,
  HdFtPosHeaders2END = 8, HdFtPosHeadersEND = 8, HdFtPosFootersSTART = 9, HdFtPosFooters1START = 9,
  HdFtPosFooter = 9, HdFtPosFooterL = 10, HdFtPosFooterR = 11, HdFtPosFooters1END = 11,
  HdFtPosFooters2START = 12, HdFtPosFooter2 = 12, HdFtPosFooter2L = 13, HdFtPosFooter2R = 14,
  HdFtPosFooters2END = 14, HdFtPosFooters0START = 15, HdFtPosFooter0 = 15, HdFtPosFooter0L = 16,
  HdFtPosFooter0R = 17, HdFtPosFooters0END = 17, HdFtPosFootersEND = 17, HdFtPosEND = 17
QFont footerFont () const
QString footerText () const
QFont header1Font () const
QString header1Text () const
QFont header2Font () const
QString header2Text () const
QColor headerFooterColor (uint pos) const
QFont headerFooterFont (uint pos) const
int headerFooterFontRelSize (uint pos) const
bool headerFooterFontUseRelSize (uint pos) const
const QRect & headerFooterRect (uint pos) const
QString headerFooterText (uint pos) const
void setFooterFont (const QFont &font)
void setFooterText (const QString &text)
void setHeader1Font (const QFont &font)
void setHeader1Text (const QString &text)
void setHeader2Font (const QFont &font)
void setHeader2Text (const QString &text)
void setHeaderFooterColor (uint pos, const QColor color)
void setHeaderFooterFont (uint pos, const QFont &font, bool fontUseRelSize, int fontRelSize)
void setHeaderFooterText (uint pos, const QString &text)

Hi-lo chart-specific methods.

These methods query and set hi-lo chart-specific parameters.

enum  HiLoChartSubType { HiLoNormal, HiLoSimple = HiLoNormal, HiLoClose, HiLoOpenClose }
QColor hiLoChartCloseValuesColor () const
QFont hiLoChartCloseValuesFont () const
int hiLoChartCloseValuesFontRelSize () const
bool hiLoChartCloseValuesUseFontRelSize () const
QColor hiLoChartFirstValuesColor () const
QFont hiLoChartFirstValuesFont () const
int hiLoChartFirstValuesFontRelSize () const
bool hiLoChartFirstValuesUseFontRelSize () const
QColor hiLoChartHighValuesColor () const
QFont hiLoChartHighValuesFont () const
int hiLoChartHighValuesFontRelSize () const
bool hiLoChartHighValuesUseFontRelSize () const
QColor hiLoChartLastValuesColor () const
QFont hiLoChartLastValuesFont () const
int hiLoChartLastValuesFontRelSize () const
bool hiLoChartLastValuesUseFontRelSize () const
QColor hiLoChartLowValuesColor () const
QFont hiLoChartLowValuesFont () const
int hiLoChartLowValuesFontRelSize () const
bool hiLoChartLowValuesUseFontRelSize () const
QColor hiLoChartOpenValuesColor () const
QFont hiLoChartOpenValuesFont () const
int hiLoChartOpenValuesFontRelSize () const
bool hiLoChartOpenValuesUseFontRelSize () const
bool hiLoChartPrintCloseValues () const
bool hiLoChartPrintFirstValues () const
bool hiLoChartPrintHighValues () const
bool hiLoChartPrintLastValues () const
bool hiLoChartPrintLowValues () const
bool hiLoChartPrintOpenValues () const
HiLoChartSubType hiLoChartSubType () const
void setHiLoChartPrintCloseValues (bool active, QFont *font=0, int size=14, QColor *color=0)
void setHiLoChartPrintFirstValues (bool active, QFont *font=0, uint size=14, QColor *color=0)
void setHiLoChartPrintHighValues (bool active, QFont *font=0, int size=14, QColor *color=0)
void setHiLoChartPrintLastValues (bool active, QFont *font=0, int size=14, QColor *color=0)
void setHiLoChartPrintLowValues (bool active, QFont *font=0, int size=14, QColor *color=0)
void setHiLoChartPrintOpenValues (bool active, QFont *font=0, uint size=14, QColor *color=0)
void setHiLoChartSubType (HiLoChartSubType hiLoChartSubType)

Legend methods.

These methods query and set legend parameters.

enum  LegendPosition {
  NoLegend, LegendTop, LegendBottom, LegendLeft,
  LegendRight, LegendTopLeft, LegendTopLeftTop, LegendTopLeftLeft,
  LegendTopRight, LegendTopRightTop, LegendTopRightRight, LegendBottomLeft,
  LegendBottomLeftBottom, LegendBottomLeftLeft, LegendBottomRight, LegendBottomRightBottom,
enum  LegendSource { LegendManual, LegendFirstColumn, LegendAutomatic }
QFont legendFont () const
int legendFontRelSize () const
bool legendFontUseRelSize () const
LegendPosition legendPosition () const
LegendSource legendSource () const
uint legendSpacing () const
QString legendText (uint dataset) const
QColor legendTextColor () const
QFont legendTitleFont () const
int legendTitleFontRelSize () const
bool legendTitleFontUseRelSize () const
QString legendTitleText () const
QColor legendTitleTextColor () const
void setLegendFont (const QFont &font, bool useFontSize)
void setLegendFontRelSize (int legendFontRelSize)
void setLegendFontUseRelSize (bool legendFontUseRelSize)
void setLegendPosition (LegendPosition position)
void setLegendSource (LegendSource source)
void setLegendSpacing (uint space)
void setLegendText (uint dataset, const QString &text)
void setLegendTextColor (const QColor &color)
void setLegendTitleFont (const QFont &font, bool useFontSize)
void setLegendTitleFontRelSize (int legendTitleFontRelSize)
void setLegendTitleFontUseRelSize (bool legendTitleFontUseRelSize)
void setLegendTitleText (const QString &text)
void setLegendTitleTextColor (const QColor &color)

Polar chart-specific methods.

These methods query and set polar chart-specific parameters.

enum  PolarChartSubType { PolarNormal, PolarStacked, PolarPercent }
enum  PolarMarkerStyle { PolarMarkerCircle, PolarMarkerSquare, PolarMarkerDiamond }
typedef QMap< uint,
uint maxDatasetPolarMarkerStyle () const
PolarChartSubType polarChartSubType () const
bool polarDelimAtPos (KDChartEnums::PositionFlag pos) const
bool polarLabelsAtPos (KDChartEnums::PositionFlag pos) const
int polarLineWidth () const
bool polarMarker () const
QSize polarMarkerSize () const
PolarMarkerStyle polarMarkerStyle (uint dataset) const
PolarMarkerStyleMap polarMarkerStyles () const
bool polarRotateCircularLabels () const
int polarZeroDegreePos () const
void setPolarChartSubType (PolarChartSubType polarChartSubType)
void setPolarDelimsAndLabelsAtPos (KDChartEnums::PositionFlag pos, bool showDelimiters, bool showLabels)
void setPolarLineWidth (int width=-3)
void setPolarMarker (bool marker)
void setPolarMarkerSize (QSize size=QSize(-40,-40))
void setPolarMarkerStyle (uint dataset, PolarMarkerStyle style)
void setPolarMarkerStyles (PolarMarkerStyleMap map)
void setPolarRotateCircularLabels (bool rotateCircularLabels)
void setPolarZeroDegreePos (int degrees)

Public Types

typedef QArray< uint > AxesArray
typedef QMap< int, double > ExplodeFactorsMap

Public Member Functions

void __internalStoreHdFtRect (int pos, QRect rect)
QString axisTitle (uint n) const
QColor axisTitleColor (uint n) const
QFont axisTitleFont (uint n) const
int axisTitleFontRelSize (uint n) const
bool axisTitleFontUseRelSize (uint n) const
QBrush dataValuesBackground (uint chart) const
int dataValuesDigitsBehindComma (uint chart) const
int dataValuesDivPow10 (uint chart) const
bool dataValuesShowInfinite (uint chart) const
bool findFirstAxisCustomBoxID (uint n, uint &boxID) const
 KDChartParams ()
bool loadXML (const QDomDocument &doc)
QDomDocument saveXML (bool withPI=true) const
void setAxisTitle (uint n, const QString &axisTitle)
void setAxisTitleColor (uint n, QColor axisTitleColor)
void setAxisTitleFont (uint n, QFont axisTitleFont)
void setAxisTitleFontRelSize (uint n, int axisTitleFontRelSize)
void setAxisTitleFontUseRelSize (uint n, bool useRelSize)
void setDataRegionFrame (uint dataRow, uint dataCol, uint, int innerGapX=0, int innerGapY=0, bool addFrameWidthToLayout=true, bool addFrameHeightToLayout=true, KDFrame::SimpleFrame simpleFrame=KDFrame::FrameFlat, int lineWidth=1, int midLineWidth=0, QPen pen=QPen(), int shadowWidth=0, KDFrame::CornerName sunPos=KDFrame::CornerTopLeft)
void setExplodeFactors (ExplodeFactorsMap factors)
virtual ~KDChartParams ()
Axis methods.
These methods query and set axis parameters.

bool axisDatasets (uint n, uint &dataset, uint &dataset2, uint &chart) const
const KDChartAxisParamsaxisParams (uint n) const
bool axisVisible (uint n) const
bool chartAxes (uint chart, uint &cnt, AxesArray &axes) const
void setAxisArea (const uint n, const QRect &areaRect)
void setAxisDatasets (uint n, uint dataset, uint dataset2=KDCHART_NO_DATASET, uint chart=0)
void setAxisLabelsFont (uint n, QFont axisLabelsFont, int axisLabelsFontSize=0, QColor axisLabelsColor=Qt::black)
void setAxisLabelsTouchEdges (uint n, bool axisLabelsTouchEdges)
void setAxisLabelStringParams (uint n, QStringList *axisLabelStringList, QStringList *axisShortLabelStringList, const QString &valueStart=QString::null, const QString &valueEnd=QString::null)
void setAxisLabelsVisible (uint n, bool axisLabelsVisible)
void setAxisLabelTextParams (uint n, bool axisSteadyValueCalc=true, KDChartData axisValueStart=KDChartAxisParams::AXIS_LABELS_AUTO_LIMIT, KDChartData axisValueEnd=KDChartAxisParams::AXIS_LABELS_AUTO_LIMIT, double axisValueDelta=KDChartAxisParams::AXIS_LABELS_AUTO_DELTA, int axisDigitsBehindComma=KDChartAxisParams::AXIS_LABELS_AUTO_DIGITS, int axisMaxEmptyInnerSpan=67, KDChartAxisParams::LabelsFromDataRow takeLabelsFromDataRow=KDChartAxisParams::LabelsFromDataRowNo, int labelTextsDataRow=0, QStringList *axisLabelStringList=0, QStringList *axisShortLabelsStringList=0)
void setAxisParams (uint n, const KDChartAxisParams &axisParams)
void setAxisShowGrid (uint n, bool axisShowGrid)
void setAxisType (uint n, const KDChartAxisParams::AxisType axisType)
void setAxisVisible (uint n, const bool axisVisible)
bool showGrid () const
Ring and pie chart-specific methods.
These methods query and set ring and pie chart-specific parameters.

bool explode () const
double explodeFactor () const
ExplodeFactorsMap explodeFactors () const
QValueList< int > explodeValues () const
int pieStart () const
bool relativeRingThickness () const
int ringStart () const
void setExplode (bool explode)
void setExplodeFactor (double factor)
void setExplodeValues (QValueList< int > explodeList)
void setPieStart (int degrees)
void setRelativeRingThickness (bool relativeThickness)
void setRingStart (int degrees)
void setThreeDPieHeight (int pixels)
void setThreeDPies (bool threeDPies)
int threeDPieHeight () const
bool threeDPies () const

Static Public Member Functions

static QString areaChartSubTypeToString (AreaChartSubType type)
static QString areaLocationToString (AreaLocation type)
static QString barChartSubTypeToString (BarChartSubType type)
static QString bWChartStatValToString (BWStatVal type)
static QString bWChartSubTypeToString (BWChartSubType type)
static QString chartSourceModeToString (const SourceMode &mode)
static QString chartTypeToString (ChartType type)
static void createChartFontNode (QDomDocument &doc, QDomNode &parent, const QString &elementName, const QFont &font, bool useRelFont, int relFont)
static void createChartValueNode (QDomDocument &doc, QDomNode &parent, const QString &elementName, const KDChartData &data)
static void createColorMapNode (QDomDocument &doc, QDomNode &parent, const QString &elementName, const QMap< uint, QColor > &map)
static void createDoubleMapNode (QDomDocument &doc, QDomNode &parent, const QString &elementName, const QMap< int, double > &map)
static QString hiLoChartSubTypeToString (HiLoChartSubType type)
static QString legendPositionToString (LegendPosition pos)
static QString legendSourceToString (LegendSource source)
static QString lineChartSubTypeToString (LineChartSubType type)
static QString lineMarkerStyleToString (LineMarkerStyle style)
static QString lineMarkerStyleToStringTr (LineMarkerStyle style)
static QString polarChartSubTypeToString (PolarChartSubType type)
static QString polarMarkerStyleToString (PolarMarkerStyle style)
static QString polarMarkerStyleToStringTr (PolarMarkerStyle style)
static bool readChartFontNode (const QDomElement &element, QFont &font, bool &useRelFont, int &relFontSize)
static bool readChartValueNode (const QDomElement &element, KDChartData &value)
static bool readColorMapNode (const QDomElement &element, QMap< uint, QColor > *map)
static bool readDoubleMapNode (const QDomElement &element, QMap< int, double > *map)
static AreaChartSubType stringToAreaChartSubType (const QString &string)
static AreaLocation stringToAreaLocation (const QString &string)
static BarChartSubType stringToBarChartSubType (const QString &string)
static BWStatVal stringToBWChartStatVal (const QString &string)
static BWChartSubType stringToBWChartSubType (const QString &string)
static SourceMode stringToChartSourceMode (const QString &string)
static ChartType stringToChartType (const QString &string)
static HiLoChartSubType stringToHiLoChartSubType (const QString &string)
static LegendPosition stringToLegendPosition (const QString &string)
static LegendSource stringToLegendSource (const QString &string)
static LineChartSubType stringToLineChartSubType (const QString &string)
static LineMarkerStyle stringToLineMarkerStyle (const QString &string)
static LineMarkerStyle stringToLineMarkerStyleTr (const QString &string)
static PolarChartSubType stringToPolarChartSubType (const QString &string)
static PolarMarkerStyle stringToPolarMarkerStyle (const QString &string)
static PolarMarkerStyle stringToPolarMarkerStyleTr (const QString &string)

Static Public Attributes

static QColor *const DATA_VALUE_AUTO_COLOR = &_internalPointer_DataValueAutoColor
static const uint KDCHART_ALL_AXES = UINT_MAX-1
static const uint KDCHART_ALL_CHARTS = UINT_MAX - 1
static const uint KDCHART_ALL_DATASETS = UINT_MAX - 1
static const uint KDCHART_NO_AXIS = UINT_MAX
static const uint KDCHART_NO_CHART = UINT_MAX
static const uint KDCHART_NO_DATASET = UINT_MAX
static const uint KDCHART_UNKNOWN_CHART = UINT_MAX - 2
static const int SAGGITAL_ROTATION = INT_MAX
static const int SAGITTAL_ROTATION = INT_MAX
static const int TANGENTIAL_ROTATION = INT_MAX - 1

Private Types

typedef QMap< QString,
typedef QMap< uint, ModeAndChartModeAndChartMap

Private Member Functions

void insertDefaultAxisTitleBox (uint n, bool setTitle, const QString &axisTitle, bool setColor, const QColor &axisTitleColor, bool setFont, const QFont &axisTitleFont, bool setFontUseRel, bool useFontSize, bool setFontRelSize, int axisTitleFontRelSize)

Private Attributes

ChartType _additionalChartType
bool _allowOverlappingDataValueTexts
AreaChartSubType _areaChartSubType
AreaLocation _areaLocation
AreaMap _areaMap
AxisSettings _axisSettings [13]
BarChartSubType _barChartSubType
QBrush _BWChartBrush
double _BWChartFenceLowerInner
double _BWChartFenceLowerOuter
double _BWChartFenceUpperInner
double _BWChartFenceUpperOuter
int _BWChartOutValMarkerSize
BWChartStatistics _BWChartStatistics [BWStatValOffEndValue]
BWChartSubType _BWChartSubType
ChartType _chartType
double _cosThreeDBarAngle
CustomBoxMap _customBoxMap
QMap< uint, QColor > _dataColors
QMap< uint, QColor > _dataColorsShadow1
QMap< uint, QColor > _dataColorsShadow2
int _datasetGap
bool _datasetGapIsRelative
ModeAndChartMap _dataSourceModeAndChart
QFont _defaultFont
bool _explode
double _explodeFactor
ExplodeFactorsMap _explodeFactors
QValueList< int > _explodeList
int _globalLeadingBottom
int _globalLeadingLeft
int _globalLeadingRight
int _globalLeadingTop
HdFtParams _hdFtParams [HdFtPosEND+1]
QColor _hiLoChartCloseValuesColor
QFont _hiLoChartCloseValuesFont
int _hiLoChartCloseValuesFontRelSize
bool _hiLoChartCloseValuesUseFontRelSize
QColor _hiLoChartHighValuesColor
QFont _hiLoChartHighValuesFont
int _hiLoChartHighValuesFontRelSize
bool _hiLoChartHighValuesUseFontRelSize
QColor _hiLoChartLowValuesColor
QFont _hiLoChartLowValuesFont
int _hiLoChartLowValuesFontRelSize
bool _hiLoChartLowValuesUseFontRelSize
QColor _hiLoChartOpenValuesColor
QFont _hiLoChartOpenValuesFont
int _hiLoChartOpenValuesFontRelSize
bool _hiLoChartOpenValuesUseFontRelSize
bool _hiLoChartPrintCloseValues
bool _hiLoChartPrintHighValues
bool _hiLoChartPrintLowValues
bool _hiLoChartPrintOpenValues
HiLoChartSubType _hiLoChartSubType
QFont _legendFont
int _legendFontRelSize
bool _legendFontUseRelSize
LegendPosition _legendPosition
LegendSource _legendSource
uint _legendSpacing
QMap< int, QString > _legendText
QColor _legendTextColor
QFont _legendTitleFont
int _legendTitleFontRelSize
bool _legendTitleFontUseRelSize
QString _legendTitleText
QColor _legendTitleTextColor
LineChartSubType _lineChartSubType
QColor _lineColor
bool _lineMarker
QSize _lineMarkerSize
LineMarkerStyleMap _lineMarkerStyles
PenStyle _lineStyle
int _lineWidth
uint _maxDatasetColor
uint _maxDatasetLineMarkerStyle
uint _maxDatasetPolarMarkerStyle
uint _maxDatasetSourceMode
KDFrame _noFrame
KDChartFrameSettings _noFrameSettings
QRect _noRect
int _numValues
bool _optimizeOutputForScreen
QColor _outlineDataColor
PenStyle _outlineDataLineStyle
uint _outlineDataLineWidth
int _pieStart
PolarChartSubType _polarChartSubType
_polarDelimsAndLabelStruct _polarDelimsAndLabels [1+MAX_POLAR_DELIMS_AND_LABELS_POS]
int _polarLineWidth
bool _polarMarker
QSize _polarMarkerSize
PolarMarkerStyleMap _polarMarkerStyles
bool _polarRotateCircularLabels
int _polarZeroDegreePos
PrintDataValuesSettings _printDataValuesSettings
PrintDataValuesSettings _printDataValuesSettings2
KDChartPropertySetList _propertySetList
bool _relativeRingThickness
int _ringStart
bool _setChartSourceModeWasUsed
double _shadowBrightnessFactor
Qt::BrushStyle _shadowPattern
bool _solidExcessArrows
int _threeDBarAngle
double _threeDBarDepth
bool _threeDBars
int _threeDLineDepth
bool _threeDLines
int _threeDLineXRotation
int _threeDLineYRotation
int _threeDPieHeight
bool _threeDPies
bool _threeDShadowColors
int _valueBlockGap
bool _valueBlockGapIsRelative

Static Private Attributes

static QColor _internalPointer_DataValueAutoColor = QColor( 0,1,0 )


QTextStream & operator<< (QTextStream &s, const KDChartParams &p)
QTextStream & operator>> (QTextStream &s, KDChartParams &p)


struct  _polarDelimsAndLabelStruct
struct  AxisSettings
struct  BWChartStatistics
struct  HdFtParams
class  KDChartFrameSettings
class  ModeAndChart
struct  PrintDataValuesSettings

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